Russia's Takeover Of Crimea In Two Graphics

Russia has invaded the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea and and is in the process of solidifying control of the isolated Black Sea region.

Only eight days ago, Ukraine's parliament deposed President Viktor Yanukovych after protesters in Kiev rejected a truce that would have kept the Kremlin ally in power.

Since then, trained armed pro-Russian gunman and Russian troops have taken over the strategic ports, roadways, and airspace. They have also surrounded a Ukrainian barracks and are urging the soldiers there to disarm and pledge allegiance to the peninsula's pro-Moscow regional authorities.
Ukraine's new navy commander defected and has consequently been charged with treason.

This Agence-France Presse graphic sums up how quickly Russia took over Crimea:

What happens next is crucial: Ukraine's troops are mobilizing, Russia continues to send troops into the peninsula, and Russian flags are reportedly being raised in eastern Ukrainian cities.


LIFE NEWS/screenshot/@ilyamuz

Cities in Ukraine where Russian flags have been raised, according to pro-Kremlin Life News.