See Where The World's Billionaires Live

billionaire census report 2014 wealth map

Wealth X and UBS Billionaire Census Report 2014

The above map shows the number of billionaires by region, along with the total wealth they hold.

Wealth-X and UBS are out with their latest Billionaire Census, and this year's results provide eye-opening insights into the lives of the world's elite.

There are now 2,325 billionaires in the world, who control a total wealth of $7.291 trillion, or 4% of global GDP. Roughly 19% of that wealth is held in cash, 5% in assets like art collections, yachts or property, and the rest is in banking and investments.

Europe beats North America for sheer number of billionaires, with 775 in Europe versus 609 in North America. But the two regions were neck and neck for total wealth: Europe's billionaires had $2.375 trillion, whereas North America's held $2.371 trillion.Advertisement

Asia had the third biggest population of billionaires with a total of $1.41 trillion in wealth, followed by the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, and lastly the Pacific.

billionaire countries wealth x billionaire report

Wealth X and UBS Billionaire Census Report 2014

When it came to individual countries, the United States continued to have the largest population of billionaires, followed by China, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Russia.

In fact, the US population of billionaires exceeded the populations in China, the UK, Germany, and Russia combined. But it's worth noting that with current projections, China will overtake the US for most billionaires by 2027.

You can see more billionaire insights by downloading the Wealth-X report here.