This Bengaluru woman fought back her molester on New Year’s eve, taught him a lesson he’ll never forget

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Many women were groped and molested in Bengaluru on New Year’s eve. Horrifying CCTV footages showed how women were being ill-treated on the streets of Bengaluru. Another CCTV footage had emerged where a biker stopped and forced himself on her.

As we all waited for justice and the police to take strict action on these cases, there was one woman who fought back her molesters like a hero, even as the crowd looked on. Chaitali Wasnik taught her molester a lesson that he is going to remember for his life.

Wasnik posted on Facebook how a molester groped her. Wasnik, a 24-year-old photographer was going back home at around 1.30 am. A guy walked up to her and groped her.

Wasnik then punched him hard and people had to intervene to stop her.

In her Facebook post, Wasnik has narrated the entire incident on how a guy molested her in front of the police.

Here’s her full post:

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