This is what makes RBI one of India’s most desirable employers

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It may come across as really surprising but, Indian B-school students are not preferring the obvious. No more does a Facebook or Disney grab their attention, in fact what does is very unexpected and less flashy: the country’s central bank.

A survey from research firm Universum Global has found out recently that the Reserve Bank of India is one of the country’s most desirable employers. It ranks third on the list of employers most sought after by business students, behind Google and Apple but ahead of Facebook, BMW, Microsoft and Disney.

Notably, MBA students also display a strong preference for Western companies, but here too, the RBI holds its own, ranking fifth ahead of McKinsey, Amazon, JP Morgan or e-commerce giant Flipkart.

The reason for this attraction to the RBI is because of the reputation it has earned itself over the years. The fact that the Central Bank works with honesty and gets things done in a country like India - where the entrenched bureaucracy has a well-earned reputation for lethargy and graft - is what has turned to its benefit.

However, the irony is it's doing a lot of things with minimal staff as the number of RBI employees has been slashed to 16,700 from 35,500 in 1981, and this is going down well with a lot of ambitious B-school students!
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