Here’s why it isn’t a good idea to work in UK right now

In a bid to create more jobs for the locals in UK, the UK government will introduce a new law that could result in many Indians being deported back to their homeland. According to the new policy, foreign professionals with an annual income below 35,000 pounds could be deported back to India.

The new law will adversely impact professionals who have been working in Britain on a Tier-2 visa and have earned less than 35,000 pounds at the end of their five years of stay in the country.

"The UK government changed the settlement rules in 2012 to break the link between coming to work in the UK and staying here permanently. We were clear that the new rules would apply to migrants who entered Tier-2 from April 6, 2011. Those individuals were aware when they entered that new settlement rules would apply to them," the Home Office was quoted as per the PTI report.

It must be noted that Indians form the largest base of professionals working with a Tier-2 visa. As per the UK's Office of National Statistics (ONS), 78% of the 55,589 Tier-2 sponsored visa applications cleared in 2014-2015 belonged to Indians.