A luxury stylist who once dropped $1 million on a single shopping spree reveals the most extreme requests she's fulfilled for her billionaire clients

A luxury stylist who once dropped $1 million on a single shopping spree reveals the most extreme requests she's fulfilled for her billionaire clients

nicole pollard bayme

Courtesy of Nicole Pollard Bayme

Luxury stylist Nicole Pollard Bayme (pictured) sits front row at fashion week and buys for billionaires.

  • Luxury stylist Nicole Pollard Bayme, founder of luxury style firm LALALUXE, spends her days buying for billionaires, sitting in the front row at fashion week, and creative consulting on interior design projects and events.
  • She recently told Business Insider that she once dropped $1 million on a one-day shopping spree with a client.
  • But that's not the only extreme request she's fulfilled - she's done everything from opening a Chanel store on a holiday for royalty to throwing six-figure first birthday parties.

When you're a billionaire, you can spend your money in endless ways - like hiring a personal shopper to help you drop $1 million during a one-day shopping spree.

That's exactly what Nicole Pollard Bayme, founder of luxury style firm LALALUXE, did with a client. They bought "high designer jewelry, crocodile handbags, and rare men's watches, plus plenty of gifts for family and friends," the buyer for billionaires told Business Insider.

But that's nothing for Pollard Bayme, who has been featured in The Hollywood Reporter and Vanity Fair. She spends her days acting as a creative consultant in a number of roles for high-profile clients including international royalty, people on the Forbes top ten list, Fortune 500 CEOs, athletes, and celebrities, she said.

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Based in Los Angeles, LALALUXE offers fashion styling, personal shopping, luxury sourcing, and shopping tours to its clients worldwide. This often brings Pollard Bayme to the front row of fashion shows, from New York Fashion Week to Paris Fashion Week.

"Typically, big spenders sit front row at fashion week and I have been invited to sit front row at major shows from Chloe to The Row to Alexander McQueen, just to name a few," she said.

alexander mcqueen fashion week

Peter White/Getty Images

Alexander McQueen at Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019.

LALALUXE also offers jewelry and private concierge services, travel and event planning, wedding styling, and lifestyle management, according to its website.

This journey of discovery has led Pollard Bayme on some wild adventures handling some extreme requests. Here are some of the most extravagant tasks she's pulled off so far:

  • Purchasing an entire runway of clothing in the high six-figures for a single client.
  • Selling Hermés handbags that cost a quarter of a million dollars - "more than a single-family home in some states," Pollard Bayme said.
  • Flying a top designer overnight to visit a client in Paris to design a couture wedding dress. The client also ordered couture designs for her mother, mother-in-law, and bridesmaids. It took four weeks to rush design the couture wedding dress, which involved 100 hours of beadwork, according to Pollard Bayme.
  • Opening a Chanel store on New Year's Day for a queen. "This is very rare for a major brand to reopen on a holiday," Pollard Bayme said, "It involves security and major planning."
  • Creative consulting on superyachts as big as 160 feet, Gulfstream private airplanes, and homes "as big and ornate as top museums." Pollard Bayme liaises between her client and the architect and interior designers. "Everything matters - lighting, texture, personalization, scent," she said.
  • Throwing ultra-luxurious first birthday parties with six-figure budgets.
  • Throwing pre-wedding shopping bashes with private rooftop champagne toasts at the largest boutiques on Rodeo Drive.

chanel store


Pollard Bayme says she once opened a Chanel store on a holiday for royalty.

Some clients who hire Pollard Bayme as their fashion stylist often keep her around to "creative direct their lifestyle," she said. This involves helping them create their own personal brand.

"From airplane interiors to the notecards they send and the scent of their home, we make sure every aspect of their life is styled to represent the best version of themselves," she said.