Actress and cancer survivor Manisha Koirala speaks about finding meaning in life when reality hits you and it is quite moving

Manisha Koirala, who stormed the Indian film industry with her acting prowess and ethereal beauty, spoke at TEDxJaipur, a TEDx event which was organised by a local community.

She spoke on finding ‘how to find meaning when reality hits you’ and made a lot of sense.

Manisha, who has done 80 films, won many awards, and was at the peak of her career, didn’t not dream how life will happen to her.

While speaking at the event, Manisha said she was living her dream when suddenly she was thrown into a whirlwind of things and she started losing it all

“I had developed an unhealthy lifestyle which was attracting wrong company, I was moving from one bad relationship to another. I was in a mess. I fell flat on my face when my marriage broke and soon after I was diagnosed with aggressive form of cancer,” said Manisha.

Yes, Manisha was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and fought the deadly disease. She is a proud cancer survivor whose life changed during the course of her healing.

“I was afraid to address the D-word. May be I was facing the unfathomable death, I used to think whether this was the end of my life, did I live well, was I proud of it. I was asking such questions to myself,” said Manisha.

On her road to recovery, Manisha introspected deeply and paused to see life in a different light. “I realised the importance of health when I was down with cancer. Now I take good care of my health. My relationship with my family has improved, my friendship is deeper now,” she added.

Manisha has new goals now and has powerful insights to share about how to find meaning in your life when reality hits you hard.

Here are her survival tools


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1. Clichéd but true:

1. Clichéd but true:

Manisha said this life is a gift. Its clichéd but it’s true. Everything that comes with this life, it is a gift. Nurture yourself, love yourself. The wisdom and courage is all within us. You have to take care of yourself as no one else will.

2. The importance of introspection.

2. The importance of introspection.

We need to dive into depth of our being to find the truth. We cannot be living someone else’s life. Discover what motivates with you, live with clarity and passion. Find out what’s important in your life and what do u ultimately want to achieve.

3. ​Be positive:

3. ​Be positive:

No matter how we want to be prepared, life will throw some challenge at you. But, we have a choice. We can either be consumed by it or we can turn it around into a platform for our growth. There is a lesson underneath every problem we face.

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