Not just money, lack of flexi working is making software developers quit

Not just money, lack of flexi working is making software developers quit
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  • Full time remote or flexible working and other benefits were among the top reasons behind software developers quitting their jobs other than salary compensation.
  • Technology companies may face a talent shortage as 44% of the developers may quit their jobs this year, as per DigitalOcean report.
  • Around 19% of the developers cite technical debt and prioritizing speed over quality of work as a mere challenge in the organizations.
As much as 44% of software developers plan to quit their jobs this year. If companies are looking for reasons behind them — they should remember that flexible working is almost as important as compensation.

According to a survey by DigitalOcean, non-flexible working environments motivated 24% of them to quit last year. The top reason however remains compensation - which motivated 28%. Yet, flexibility comes a close second as 21% who are planning on quitting this year for the same reason.

Better benefits also motivated 17% of the respondents to resign last year, while 15% of them may quit this year.

"Attracting and retaining developer talent is evolving rapidly and companies need to adapt to the new landscape. Businesses need to better understand developers and give them the tools, benefits, and pay they need to be successful - business survival in the digital era depends on it," said Gabe Monroy, chief product officer at DigitalOcean.

Youngest are more likely to quit

As many as 64% of those with less than a year's experience are more likely to leave a job and 32% of those with 1–5 years of experience have left a job recently, compared to only 21% with over 15 years of experience.


Nearly 18% of respondents cited lack of time and resources to work on projects is also a key challenge, and 11% mention team members leaving as a challenge, demonstrating that the developer talent shortage is impacting even those who stay in their roles.

“Developers have mixed opinions and usage of other emerging technologies, including automation (AI/ML), blockchain and Web3, and no-code or low-code tools,” the report says.

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