CEOs have strikingly similar resumes - here's how to make yours look more like theirs

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Many CEOs attended top private and public schools.

• CEOs tend to have certain things in common when it comes to their résumés.

• Job site Zippia recently looked through 7 million résumés to get a sense of the top skills CEOs tend to emphasize.
• Many CEOs major in some business-related field, among other findings.

Want to give your résumé a boost?

Try crafting it to be more like that of a top CEO.

Job site Zippia recently trawled its database of over 7 million résumés in order to specifically scrutinize those belonging to CEOs. They then analyzed each CEO's educational and work experiences to check for widespread trends.

Of course, you can only give your résumé a CEO-esque makeover if you actually have management experience or earned a degree from a top college. Still, it's good to know what kinds of items you might want to emphasize on your résumé if you're ever in the running for a more senior-level role.Here's a look at some of the most common items on CEOs' résumés: