WazirX in association with CREBACO and IntoTheBlock launches Coin Reports to help users research tokens before investing

WazirX in association with CREBACO and IntoTheBlock launches Coin Reports to help users research tokens before investing
  • The Coin Reports were launched by WazirX in association with CREBACO and IntoTheBlock.
  • Coin Reports contain information on various coins listed on the platform, which can be used to gauge the health of a project.
  • The platform has reports of over 250 tokens at the moment. Many of these reports can be read in 10 other languages as well.
Do Your Own Research, or DYOR, is essential for anyone looking to invest in crypto. However, it’s not always easy when it comes to this industry. While it’s easy to find content on various tokens and the projects behind them in a scattered fashion, it's often confusing when each new website says something different. So, it doesn’t hurt to get some help.

With that in mind, India’s top cryptocurrency exchange by trading volumes, WazirX, has launched a new Coin Reports platform for users to gain more information on cryptos listed on the platform.This platform on Coin Reports was launched in association with crypto research firm - Credit Rating for Exchanges Blockchains and Coin Offerings (CREBACO) and blockchain intelligence firm IntoTheBlock.

What are Coin Reports?

The idea behind the platform is to simplify the research process for crypto users, and those looking to expand their portfolios by investing in new cryptocurrencies.

This platform currently has information about over 250 tokens. This includes detailed information on projects like Bitcoin, Sandbox, Ether, Matic, AAVE, Theta Network, and many more. It will also direct users directly to the WazirX exchange if users want to invest in a token after researching it.


The reports are compiled by Crebaco, which conducts research into crypto exchanges and tokens around the world, including in India. The reports also include token summaries, which are sourced from IntoTheBlock, and include information like on-chain metrics for a project and more.

What information does this platform provide?

Perhaps most importantly, these reports include information on the technology behind a particular token. Information like this tells an investor what a blockchain project is trying to do, which in turn gives you an idea of whether it will last or not. For instance, the 0x project is a messaging protocol that market makers can use to send messages, including off-chain information about their orders, according to the Coin Report available on WazirX.

But technology behind a project isn’t the only information you can gain from this.

For those who know how to perform detailed analysis about a token from its price history, the Coin Reports platform provides a helpful graph with historical price information about a crypto token — including hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, half-yearly, yearly and year-to-date price movements.

Experienced traders use information like this to gauge the health of a token, learn how often its price fluctuates, and even the kind of confidence that investors and developers have on a project. In the long run, you can also use historical price information to figure out when a project, or even the entire market, is moving towards bear or bull market phases.

Other information included in the Coin Reports platform are details of distribution of tokens, early backers of a project etc., the country of origin of a project, initial coin offering (ICO) and much more.

With these reports you can definitely get an overview about your preferred crypto and make well informed decisions.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in partnership with WazirX. Cryptos are unregulated virtual assets, not a legal tender, and subject to market risks.