Check Out What Economy-Class Flying Looked Like In The 1960s


Everyone's always whining about how flying sucks now compared to the way it used to be.


Judging from the photo below, they might have a point.

This photo was tweeted this morning by Soren Dragsbaek Holm. It's reportedly a shot of an economy-class cabin on a 747 in the 1960s.

Of course, when folks pine for the old days of flying, they ignore how relatively cheap and safe this mode of travel has become. Flying cost an arm and a leg in the 1960s. And there were lots more plane crashes.


If people really wanted comfort and service above price today, they'd pony up for First Class or Business Class. And there would be airlines that sold seats on the basis of comfort and service instead of price. But the truth is that the most important factor for most flyers is price. So we get what we pay for.

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