Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer launches baseball over center field fence in anger and immediately apologized to his manager

Trevor Bauer Terry Francona

Ed Zurga / Getty Images

  • Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer hurled a baseball over the center field fence from the mound after surrendering a two-run single on Sunday. The hit knotted things up between the Kansas City Royals and Indians in the bottom of the fifth.
  • Manager Terry Francona was visibly displeased with Bauer's behavior when he removed him from the game. Bauer immediately apologized to his manager. 
  • The Indians lost to the Royals 9-6.
  • After the game, Bauer apologized for his actions and called them "childish." 
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Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer has been the subject of trade conversations as the July 31 deadline approaches.

If Sunday's start against the Kansas City Royals was his last in a Cleveland uniform, it won't be remembered positively. Advertisement

During the bottom of the fifth inning and leading 5-3, Bauer gave up a two-run single to Royals second baseman Nicky Lopez to tie things up. He was charged with eight runs (seven earned) in 4 ⅓ innings of work as the Indians fell 9-6.

Frustrated with the play, Bauer chucked the ball at the netting behind home plate, but he didn't stop there. As manager Terry Francona headed to the mound to remove him from the game, Bauer turned towards center field and launched the ball over the fence. 


Bauer immediately apologized to Francona when he met him off the mound, but Francona was visibly displeased with the behavior. 

 Francona addressed the outburst after the game, saying what the two discussed was "just between us."  Advertisement

"We certainly discussed it, as we should, and he talked to the team," Francona said.

Bauer opened his postgame press conference with an apology. He said he understands that he put people in danger with the action and was glad no one was hurt. Kauffman Stadium has no seats in center field, which kept fans out of harm's way.

"It was unbecoming. It was childish and unprofessional," Bauer said. "There's no place for it in the game … I want to be clear that my frustrations were with myself and my inability to stop the situation and keep my team in the game."Advertisement