I tried nonstick cookware from new kitchen startup Equal Parts — it's not perfect, but it's still excellent for the price

Equal Parts

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  • The cookware and kitchen tools from new online company Equal Parts have been essential to my quarantine cooking adventures.
  • The pot and pan I tried are made from light aluminum and have a smooth ceramic nonstick coating that handles all types of ingredients effortlessly.
Table of Contents: Static During the pandemic, I've spent more time in the kitchen than I ever thought I would. It's been a journey baking from scratch for the first time, testing out various meal kits, and experimenting with new recipes day in, day out. Advertisement

It's also been an unexpected opportunity to really put some cookware through the wringer. For much of the last few months, new kitchen startup Equal Parts has been the assistant to all my cooking adventures.

What to know about Equal Parts

Equal Parts is the latest brand to join a slew of others selling attractive, quality cookware and kitchen tools exclusively online. It specializes in ceramic nonstick pots and pans, along with accessories like a colander, cutting board, and chef's knife.


The prices, while a step up from the budget category, are reasonable for what you get. They range from $19 for a spoon and spatula set to $449 for a 20-piece complete kitchen bundle.

There's free shipping on orders over $65 and a 30-day free return policy. Equal Parts sent me a few pieces to test and though they're not perfect, I still loved using them. Read on for my experience with the pots, pans, and utensils. Advertisement

Equal Parts cookware and utensils review

First up, the Small Pot and Big Pan. These sleek matte black pieces are made from aluminum with a nontoxic, ceramic nonstick coating and a stainless steel induction plate.

At first glance, I thought they looked great, but upon closer inspection, they did already have some small paint chips right out of the box. After handling the pans often, the chipping luckily hasn't gotten worse.


I've used the pot and pan on both gas and induction stovetops and found there's better heat conduction and distribution with a gas stovetop. Once over the fire, they heat up quickly and evenly, and the nonstick coating is very effective — it's cooked everything from fried eggs to veggie stir fry with no sticking. When I cooked steak, it stuck a little to the pan (which I feel is necessary for a good sear anyways), but the residue didn't cling and it was easy to wash off.

Meanwhile, the pot was great for stews and soups. In terms of performance, there was nothing too special about it other than the nonstick feature, but it was reliable and useful, nonetheless.

Both cookware pieces come with lids, which get quite hot, so you should use a dish towel or mitt when touching them. The handles are comfortable to hold, and the pot comes with a side handle so it's easy to maneuver over to the sink, stovetop, or cabinet. Advertisement


In addition to the versatile pot and pan, I tested the Utensil Set, which consists of five common tools: spatula, slotted spatula, a pair of tongs, whisk, and slotted spoon. The spatula and slotted spoon are made from durable, BPA-resistant silicone, while the whisk and slotted spatula have rigid fiberglass handles.

I loved the slotted spatula the most, as it reminded me of a flexible and thin fish spatula. The tongs, while they gripped food securely, were slightly inconvenient because you can't lock and unlock them with one hand (I prefer the tongs from Material for this reason). Advertisement

The bottom line

If low-maintenance cooking is your goal, Equal Parts' nonstick cookware will get the job done. I used the cookware and utensils over and over again in the last few months, during which time they've always performed well and been easy to clean.

Combining performance with simple and sleek designs, Equal Parts is fit to become a modern staple in any frequent home cook's kitchen. Note: Due to the coronavirus, orders are currently shipping out later than expected and should ship out within two weeks of your order date. Advertisement