Make learning activity books for kids in India

Make learning activity books for kids in India
A child’s mind starts developing right from the age of two. That’s the best time to engage them in activities that deal with memory, fine motor skills and cognitive skills. Activity books are fun and educational. The best part is that they keep the kids engaged allowing the parents to relax for a while. We bring you a compilation of some of the best activity books for children of different ages.

1001 Activities Book

Make learning activity books for kids in India
You might think that toddlers are too young to learn various skills, and that they don’t need to engage in educational activities. But the truth is that it’s best for kids to start engaging in various motor skill and cognitive activities from the early age of 3. This activity book is an excellent way to engage kids in activities like identify the object, colour the objects, find the difference, simple math and many more such activities that will help in sharpening and developing their minds. Unlimited fun activities that are educational, engaging and challenging

My First Book of Patterns Pencil Control

Make learning activity books for kids in India
Fine motor skills are just as important as cognitive skills. This activity book is a fun way to get kids to hold the pencil correctly, focus on completing the activity and concentrate on getting the lines right. It will help them with all sorts of patterns from straight lines to curvy lines. Along with patterns, it also has activities related to colour and memory to make the activities more enjoyable. Also, the illustrations and artworks in the book are bright and vibrant making the experience even more delightful. Helps kids improve their grip and concentration.

505 Activities for Kids

Make learning activity books for kids in India
Popular among many parents, this activity book is a great way to keep your kids engaged for a long time. Filled with puzzles, mazes, math quizzes, colouring quests and many more activities, this book is a favourite for all the right reasons. Your kids will have a gala time learning about fruits, vegetables, animals, foods, and shapes with the endless list of fun challenges this book offers. This book is best suited for kids aged 5 and above. Find the difference, name the object, match correctly, mazes and many more activities make this book a good buy.

101 Brain Booster Activity Book

Make learning activity books for kids in India
Puzzles and riddles can be frustrating and exciting at the same time. The more you think, the more you sharpen your mind. When kids are faced with a brainteaser, they push themselves to solve it, and that’s what opens up their minds to creative thinking. This activity book does just that for kids that are aged 6 and above; it is filled with brainteasers across categories which, in turn, help kids enhance their skills of critical thinking, problem solving and overcoming challenges. Ideal for 6 – 10 year olds to engage in mind-challenging activities.

365 Math Activity

Make learning activity books for kids in India
Math has always been a menace, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of taking the hard way that involves shouting, bribing and threatening to take away their favourite toys, pick the easier way and get them this 365 Math Activity book. They have beautifully turned math into the fun subject that it is, for your first grader. With colourful illustrations and clear instructions, your child will master their additions and multiplications. Kids can have fun with numbers and learn to enjoy math with this book

My Activity- Phonics Activity Book

Make learning activity books for kids in India
Aimed at enhancing cognitive skills in children, the Phonics Activity Book is perfect to add to your child’s collection of early learning. It is important for kids to know the sounds of alphabets and how they are pronounced. This helps with articulation and speech in the later stages of learning. Along with phonetics, this book also has reading, writing, colouring and number activities that make the learning process even more enjoyable. A must have for all pre-schoolers to sharpen their senses.

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