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Trolls target Mark Zuckerberg's dog with anti-Semitic comments over image of pet wearing a yarmulke

Jul 17, 2021, 15:54 IST
Business Insider
Mark Zuckerberg's dog wearing a kippah and prayer shawl. Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook
  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted an image of his dog wearing a yarmulke with the Star of David.
  • The comments were filled with anti-Semitic memes and pro-Palestine messages.
  • Zuckerberg has been more vocal about his Jewish faith in recent years.

Mark Zuckerberg's dog was hit with anti-Semitic comments after the Facebook CEO posted a picture of the animal wearing Jewish religious regalia.

Zuckerberg posted a picture of Beast, who is a type of Hungarian Sheepdog, wearing a royal blue yarmulke and prayer shawl embellished with the Star of David.

The comment section was filled with anti-Semitic memes and pro-Palestinian flags, despite the image having nothing to do with Israel.


Some comments posted images with the words "Israel terrorism".

The top comment said, "Lol literally this post has nothing to do with israel…. And here are the comments. Reminder antizionism goes hand and hand with antisemtism".

"No one is safe from Jew-hatred. Not even Mark Zuckerberg's dog," the American Jewish Committee wrote on Twitter. "We must make sure social media platforms are free of hate."


The picture of Beast gained over 20,000 reactions on Facebook, with over 8,500 people reacting with the angry face. 4,800 people liked the image, and 3,500 reacted with a laughing face.

In recent years Mark Zuckerberg has become more vocal about his Jewish faith. Last year he said he has grown more religious because of fatherhood and the "challenges we've been through as a company."

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