Here's why peak inflation might not signal the end of the bear market in stocks

Here's why peak inflation might not signal the end of the bear market in stocks
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Howdy markets people. Phil Rosen here in Los Angeles. Officially, I'm a senior reporter, but I'm tempted to change my title to "Bear Whisperer" because that's really what I spend much of my time doing lately.


I've been reading bleak market forecasts and talking to pessimistic analysts at a higher clip than usual, and I've really honed an eye for bears.

Today I'm breaking down what two top banks expect to happen on the Street in the coming months — one of which doesn't see the bear market ending soon.

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1. It's too premature to call the end to the stock downturn, according to Morgan Stanley. Inflation may have peaked, but that doesn't mean equities are going to see any relief, analysts wrote in a Monday note.

Companies are faced with the two-pronged challenge of falling prices and high labor costs, which weighs on profits and sets a trap for investors.

"The rally in stocks has been powerful, and has many investors believing the bear market is over," Morgan Stanley analysts said.

But that doesn't mean it's time to signal all-clear.

Declining prices are going to drag on corporate profits in the opposite way rising inflation boosted them, the strategists added, and markets are underestimating the impact of an inflation reversal.


July's hot jobs report means companies are still doling out big money on their work forces, and as customers begin to fall, those operating charges will feel heavier.

And yet, the very same economy is giving JPMorgan a more bullish forecast.

Stocks are set to roar higher into the end of the year as earnings revisions reset lower, JPMorgan strategists said Monday.

More reasonable valuations, depressed investor sentiment, and peak Fed hawkishness all lead the firm toward its optimistic view.

Beyond that, JPMorgan shared 10 reasons why the current stock rally isn't just a bear rally — but one that will carry investors into 2023.


In other news:

Here's why peak inflation might not signal the end of the bear market in stocks
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Here's why peak inflation might not signal the end of the bear market in stocks
Bed Bath & Beyond stock priceMarkets Insider

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