Best PS4 action-adventure games in India

Best PS4 action-adventure games in India
Action-adventure as the name suggests features both action and adventure themes together in one single game. It essentially combines the best of both worlds by including situational problems and quests, and real-time interactions. The category itself is quite broad and can include games from more specific genres but with the action-adventure theme.

When it comes to action-adventure games on PS4, there are some good options to choose from. Here’s a list of the best PS4 action-adventure games that you can buy right now.

Ghost of Tsushima

Best PS4 action-adventure games in India
Ghost of Tsushima is a popular choice and for the right reasons. If you’re a fan of Japan or samurais, this game is a must-try. It revolves around the story of the last samurai Jin Sakai who has to fight against the Mongol forces for the independence of Japan. Sakai has to master the ‘way of the Ghost’ fighting style to defeat them. The game is set in the background of the year 1274 on the Tsushima Island, and it’s based on the historical event of the Mongol invasion of Japan. Ghost of Tsushima is a highly recommended PS4 action-adventure game.

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition

Best PS4 action-adventure games in India
If you’re a Horizon Zero Dawn you can go for this Complete Edition that comes with the base game, the expansion Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, a digital art book called “The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn,” and a PS4 theme. You also get several cosmetic items and weapons such as Carja Storm Ranger Outfit, Carja Mighty Bow, and Banuk Trailblazer Outfit. The game is about Aloy who is a young hunter in a world that’s dominated by machines. Aloy is on a journey to uncover her past while fighting against mechanical creatures and other enemies too. Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition is another highly recommended RPG action-adventure game.

The Last of Us Part II

Best PS4 action-adventure games in India
The Last of Us Part II is set five years after The Last of Us that was released back in 2013. In this game, you play as two characters - Ellie and Abby. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic United States where you fight against human enemies and also cannibalistic zombie-like creatures who are equipped with firearms, weapons and stealth. This is a game featuring themes of revenge and retribution. If you liked The Last of Us then the second part is a must-try.

God of War

Best PS4 action-adventure games in India
God of War is the sequel to God of War III and it’s the eight instalment in the series. Here, you play as Kratos who is a Spartan warrior but an older and more seasoned version of him. It also includes his son Atreus. And unlike the previous games which are based on Greek mythology, this one is based on Norse mythology. Years after fighting against the Olympian gods, Kratos is now living in Midgard in Ancient Norway living with Arteus and among Norse gods. God of War is a must-try in the series and for anyone interested in Greek and Norse mythology.

Uncharted 4

Best PS4 action-adventure games in India
Uncharted 4 takes place years after the events that unfolded in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Here too, you play as Nathan Drake, a former treasure hunter who comes out of retirement by his presumed-dead brother Samuel. Nathan is now on a quest to find the location of Henry Avery’s long-lost treasure with his longtime partner Victor Sullivan. During the course of the journey, players travel around the globe, through jungle isles, far-flung cities and snow-capped peaks. Uncharted 4 can also be considered if you’re looking for a PS4 action-adventure game.

Red Dead Redemption - 2

Best PS4 action-adventure games in India
This one’s for cowboy fans. It’s the sequel to the popular Red Dead Redemption and the game is set in a fictional recreation of the American Old West in 1899. Here, you play as theprotagonist Arthur Morgan and his position in the Van der Linde gang. The storyline is about the gang’s decline with people from the law, rival gangs and Pinkerton agents after them. Red Dead Redemption -2 is another PS4 action-adventure game that you can definitely consider.

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