The Internet Totally Called Out Kim Kardashian For Photoshopping Her Sexy Selfie


Kim Kardashian hit the gym on Saturday "Getting right for the new year" with pal Blac Chyna and the two decided to selfie the aftermath.


The posts went viral, getting about half a million "likes" each.

But not everyone was a fan of the new mom's revealing selfie. Many critics quickly noticed that something was off in the second booty selfie.

Photoshop expert Peeje T told Radar Online the image was clearly "manipulated."


He explained that the curved doorframe in the picture is a dead giveaway. "You can definitely see a gap at the same level as Kim's chest. This would be caused by using a tool to expand her breasts."

"There also seems to be a more subtle distortion on the floor," Peeje added to Radar, "You might notice how it follows the same contortion as Kim's waist and hips."

He added that in a second picture, it appears Kim has digitally pulled in her waistline.

After heavily debating the issue, The Cut included this GIF that helps prove Kim manipulated the image. Watch the mirror in the the back:


A spokesperson for Kardashian insists, however, "This story is false. She did not retouch the selfie."