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Insider Today: 'Stopover' travel hack

Joi-Marie McKenzie   

Insider Today: 'Stopover' travel hack
  • This post originally appeared in the Insider Today newsletter.

Welcome back to our Saturday edition! Wait — don't put down that yummy dessert. One 38-year-old woman told Business Insider that instead of skipping treats, she lost 140 pounds in two years by eating more high-protein foods.

That's great news for foodies like myself. Keep reading for more good news to kick-start your weekend.

On the agenda:

But first: Power lunches are back, baby.

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This week's dispatch

Power hungry (literally)

It's no secret that many deals are made outside of the boardroom.

In 2013, Jeff Bezos famously secured The Washington Post for $250 million while traipsing around Hailey, Idaho during the Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference. That's where billionaires and other business types strike deals while competing in tennis matches, going on guided hikes, and yes, eating lunch.

You don't have to be a billionaire to capitalize on a midday meeting, though. Enter: the power lunch. (Or should I say "remember the power lunch"?)

As the call to return to the office slowly drags on, many are taking advantage of what can happen over a nice meal.

One BI reporter went to Cecconi's in West Hollywood to find out why the Soho House-owned restaurant has been a mainstay for power-lunchers for 15 years. Her review is the first of many stories that will dig into some of the hottest power-lunch spots across the country.

Although she had a mixed review of the menu, what remains true is that productivity isn't just reserved for the office.

Score a "stopover" flight

Need a vacation within your vacation? Some travelers make it happen by booking long layovers. That gives them time to leave the airport and explore for a few hours — or days — before the next flight.

Known as "stopover" programs, airlines benefit from this hack, too. Plus, the layovers can sometimes come with free or discounted hotels, excursions, transportation, and food at the layover destination.

How to book the long layovers.

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It's time to invest in yourself

BI's investing correspondent finally took the advice she's written so much about and invested in herself. She spends $400 a month on a life coach, a splurge she said is some of the best money she's ever spent.

She and her coach have met weekly for the past nine months. The coach has helped her write speeches, navigate cross-country moves, and held her accountable for the things she wants to accomplish.

What it's like to hire a life coach.

From movie star to tennis star

"Challengers," a steamy new drama that premiered Friday, stars 27-year-old Zendaya, who transformed into a tennis pro for the film.

Tennis coach Brad Gilbert served as a consultant on the film, training Zendaya and her costars. He told BI what the cast endured — from spending hours playing tennis to packing on muscle — to play the part.

Everything it takes to become an on-screen tennis pro.

Easy lifestyle changes for weight loss

Megan Tjelle, a 29-year-old from Chicago, was athletic as a kid, but became less active after starting nursing school. Throughout her 20s, she said, her weight increased and her confidence sank.

In 2022, she made two small changes: eating a balanced diet in a calorie deficit, and gradually moving more. Over six months, through diet and walking alone, Tjelle lost 55 pounds.

How small changes can have big results.

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  • "The Doomsday Cult of Antares de la Luz": Former members of a Chilean cult speak out about their experiences in the new Netflix series.

  • "We're Here": In this wholesome Max series, famous drag queens travel to small-town America where they give out makeovers.

See the full list.

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