What it's like to live on a tiny British island in the middle of the Pacific


The least populated territory in the world is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean - more than 3,000 miles from any continent.

As of July 2014, only 48 people call the Pitcairn Islands and their stunning rocky cliffs home.

Back in 1789, British sailors in the Pacific mutinied on the HMS Bounty and settled on Tahiti and Pitcairn Island. While the mutineers on Tahiti were later arrested by the British, those on Pitcairn were able to start a community with Tahitian companions. In 1838, the Pitcairn Islands officially became a British territory, and today all of its residents are descendants of those original mutineers.


Sailor and photographer Tony Probst has visited Pitcairn four times since 2011, and natives have dubbed him the island's ambassador. With his permission, we are publishing some of his favorite pictures of Pitcairn.