This cheap laundry tool will ensure you never lose a sock in the wash again - if you have enough confidence to buy it


Guys, you're doing laundry the hard way.

There's a cheap and easy-to-use tool that would turn your laundry into, if not a breeze, at least something less of a chore. But, for whatever reason, it's just not marketed to men. Even the name is off-putting to men: it's called a lingerie bag (it can also go by bra bag, or the more gender-neutral "washing bag").

WAIT, stay with me! It's not just for delicate women's underwear, and it's actually super useful for men's laundry as well. The item, after all, is pretty simple: it's a small, washable mesh bag with a zipper that looks like this:


mesh bag

See? Totally innocuous.

While it's original purpose is to keep delicate (such as lingerie) safe from the harsh tumbling in the washing machine, it also performs double duty by keeping the items bunched together, easing the move from washer to dryer and ensuring they don't get lost. This is the value it has for men.

Men can stuff the bag full of washable odds and ends like nylon watch straps, socks, and loafer socks, and not have to worry about losing them in around the house when switching machines. And if you use a laundromat to get your laundry done, it's an even bigger boon to convenience. I guarantee you'll never lose a sock again.


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