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The margin of anomalies present in filmmaking is tremendous. Finance is difficult to acquire and content is controlled by sequel-driven traditions. Many original ideas do not see the light unless it is attached with a familiar face or well-funded. In the past decade, the number of films made worldwide has doubled, from an average of 4,584 in 2005, to 9,387 in 2015.

There are awards to win, public recognition to build, a budget to resuscitate, and the list goes on. Yet we must not forget what brings those awards home and news on the papers. A strong network and a clear set of goals keep us in the path. Our heroes and heroines on-screen are talented. They are the ultimate channel to communicate to the audience. However, the initial endeavour of a project lies in the efforts of writers, directors and most lovingly – the technical teams. The relationship shared between these professionals make up the soul of a well-made project.

Nowadays every piece of content is internationally recognised. A scriptwriter can connect with a person from another country. And also even translate their works into another language. There are already more than 50 kinds of professions and over 13,000 registered users from over 90 different countries on the portal. People from different verticals can communicate with a plethora of professionals.

Focus is put into the opportunities one can get out of this platform. A registered user will be given a digital profile to update. This can be done via the user interface of the website. The more connections that you have on your profile, the larger your network can grow cumulatively. Further to that, your connections can view the work that upload and vice versa. The object of this feature is to understand the talent prospects and produce the most out of connections, be it in content, budget-relief, future contracts or recommendations.

Content creation must never be bottle-necked. If content be limited, growth will cease. By limitation, I mean the cap on creativity which brings about better films. This will automatically reflect on the capabilities of talent. Especially in the case of entrant-level filmmakers, they find themselves in a far difficult situation than those who have great source of funding. Finance for such content creation must be optimized without compromising on creativity.

Bringing all this talent together is a task. And with the current-generation of technology and networking, I feel there should be a common ground for such filmmakers to meet. It is for this cause I introduced Media Konnect - To Discover, Connect and Collaborate.

A film is not an easy thing to make, whether low-budgeted or generously financed. So far as content is concerned, it is a matter of combining creativity and cost. These three C’s must be balanced. The film is not all. A bunch of genres exist in the content and entertainment space. Now filmmakers and talent all over the globe are talking business. Films are making it to foreign soil in different languages while talent from various fields are hired by international producers.

Media Konnect networks the world’s aspirant filmmakers into one oyster. And helping battle piracy by improving the standard of films will help indie filmmakers see the light with orginal content.

Today content is decentralized in a way that there are a lot of associations and marketing strategies that point the direction of a film. We have witnessed crowd-funding and crowdsourcing as a great tool and it will remain so. Yet being able to identify the right subsidies in certain countries and adopting alternatives like avoiding a broker, is another prospective option.

The Film Industry is growing exponentially all over the world. For the sake of comparing two contrasting players; US is generating several billion dollars on films, while its Indian counterpart is merely a fraction of the denominator. Media Konnect has launched in India, and is scheduled for a worldwide launch in US, UK, Middle East, France, China, Korea and Australia. The online platform is already strong with a 13,000 registered user count. Hopefully and intrepidly, this will make a significant difference in the filmmaking fraternity.

(This article is authoured by Ranjit Thakur, Founder & CEO, Media Konnect)
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