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Three ABVP-JNU members resign citing difference of opinions

Three ABVP-JNU members resign citing difference of opinions

Difference of opinions has led to three members of the JNU unit of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) resigning from the student council.

These differences have come in light after the recent JNU incident that has attracted attention from scholars worldwide. The names of these members are Pradeep, who was the joint secretary of ABVP-JNU, Rahul Yadav, the president and Ankit Hans, the secretary of ABVP's unit in the School of Social Sciences.

All three of them have expressed their grief over the way the central government has handled the Rohith Vemula incident.

The trio has objected to the government's handling of the recent incident in which JNU student union president Kanhaiya Kumar was arrested following some anti-India slogans that were raised in a meeting that he was headed.

"Whosoever responsible for the act must be punished as per the law but the way NDA government [is] tackling the whole issue, the oppression on professors, repeated lawyer attacks on media and Kanhaiya Kumar on court premises is unjustifiable and we think there is a difference between interrogation and crushing ideology and branding entire Left as "anti-national," said the statement.

The three students maintained "veiled persons" had "shouted slogans Bharat tere tukadde honge" at the "event organized by former DSU persons" but did not mention any name. They not only condemned the sloganeering, but also the "media trial which has culminated in anti-JNU sentiments throughout the country."

"We can't be the mouthpiece of such a government which has unleashed oppression on the student community." They have also slammed BJP MLA O P Sharma's action, equating it with "right-wing fascist forces". "Every day we see people assembling at the front gate with Indian flag to beat JNU students, well this is hooliganism not nationalism, you can't do anything in the name of nation, there is a difference between nationalism and hooliganism," the statement said.

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