Today's Young People Aren't Ambitious, Don't Care About Their Jobs, And Want More Vacation [SURVEY]


A chart in Goldman Sachs' new report on millenials' retail habits shows a large generation gap between the working habits of millenials, the generation born between 1980 and 2000 and their parents.

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Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research

The data, from and based on a sample of 50,000 high school students, shows that today's high schoolers do not expect their lives to revolve around work and are more concerned about vacation time than Gen-Xers, those born between the early '60's and '80's. They also spend more of their leisure time on online activities like video games, social networking and watching TV online than their parents and grandparents, despite having similar internet access.

Some more findings from the report: young people today make less money relative to the rest of the population than ever before, are more conscious of the value of the products they buy and are more likely to be living with their parents.