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Tony Robbins shocks himself every morning with this 'electric taco' - here's what it's like

Tony Robbins shocks himself every morning with this 'electric taco' - here's what it's like

When Tony Robbins prepares for one of his seminars, physical training is as important to creating an engaging experience as is nailing his material. Seminars like "Unleash the Power Within" consistently run past their scheduled daily endings, and Robbins will be on his feet - running, jumping, and yelling across the stage and audience - for as much as 16 hours in a day. On top of that, the world-famous life coach is on the road for the majority of the year, and he runs 12 companies.

To maintain this schedule into his late 50s, Robbins works every day with his personal trainer Billy Beck III, who has worked with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and professional athletes from the NFL and UFC. Part of Robbins' daily routine includes a session using a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine. According to Beck, these machines can cost around $25,000.

While on a recent trip to Fiji Robbins invited us into his home to try out the PEMF machine he uses on an almost-daily basis to relieve stress and minimize pain. His machine is manufactured by Vance Medical LDN. The company's website lists these benefits from the use of the PEMF machine:

Opening cell membranes, increased oxygen transport across cell membranes, increased ability to remove toxins, increased "energy" available to individual cells, increased wound healing, and mood improvement.

Robbins invited senior strategy reporter Rich Feloni to try it out.
Following is a transcript of the video:

Rich Feloni: So right now it feels like I'm getting, like, punched in the chest on both sides.

[Tony Robbins' "Electric Taco"]

Tony Robbins: I'm gonna throw you on my PEMF machine, which is basically electrocuting you, basically. Not really, but what it does is it charges up the cells so they communicate better, changes the circulation in the body, but it also destroys the weak cells so they're replaced more quickly.

Billy Beck III: This is is a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device. These things are generally like $25,000 and they are very effective.

Feloni: And how often do you use it?

Robbins: Every day. Five, six days a week. But when I'm in a seminar, every single day. But usually five, six days a week.

So now we're gonna give you the charge.

Beck: This is exciting! This may change your life forever ... in a good way!

And you don't have any metal in your body of any sort?

Feloni: Never.

Graham Flanagan: You took your retainer out, right? [LAUGHTER]

Beck: So, I'm gonna do it slowly. We're gonna work as a team. You tell me when you feel it, even if it doesn't hurt. You tell me when you first feel it, and then we'll gradually go up, okay? Alright, rock and roll.

Feloni: Okay, I'm feeling something.

Beck: Okay, we'll just leave that there for a minute.

Robbins: He's gonna turn it up a little bit more. You ready for a little more?

Feloni: Yeah.

Robbins: Okay.

Feloni: So, now I'm feeling it on my left side in my rib cage.

Beck: How's that?

Feloni: Okay. Yeah, now it feels -

Beck: I can see your whole body moving.

Feloni: Yeah, it's gone from like, a tickling vibration to to kind of like, patting on me. Like, beating slightly.

Robbins: Does it hurt, though? Or is it okay?

Feloni: Um ...

Robbins: No one's gonna shock you, but if it gets a little too intense, I take it right to where it's like at the edge is where I take it.

Beck: When you're feeling the vibration that's just the muscles contracting because of the electrical impulse. And when you're feeling the pain, that's actually where the body needs it.

Robbins: He doesn't have it high enough up. It's not gonna be breaking up any cells at this level.

Beck: Wanna break up some cells? Let's do it.

You good there?

Robbins: Too much? If it's uncomfortable - too uncomfortable, you tell us at any time. We'll turn it down.

Feloni: Yeah, it's starting to hurt.

Robbins: Take him down a little bit.

Beck: Let's take it down. This is really high for the first time, just so you know.

Robbins: So, your whole body is charging up right now, basically.

Beck: You're a champ, man! No fear!

Feloni: Maybe one more?

Beck: Okay!

Robbins: Up or down?

Feloni: Up.

Robbins: Wow.

Beck: Well done, Rich!

Robbins: Done!

Beck: Awesome!

Robbins: There you go.

Beck: Awesome!

Robbins: Here you go, brother.

Feloni: Alright.

Robbins: Now, notice how you feel.

Feloni: I feel like a freshly-charged iPhone.