10 Famous Money Dialogues From Indian Cinema In Recent Years

Money and Bollywood go hand in hand, and we are not only talking about the real life. In reel life too, money is and has always been an influential factor in the lives of our protagonists. What else explains the tried and tested formula of either one of the lead couple being super rich while the other one finds it difficult to make ends meet? Whatever the situation be, we always get to see power-packed or tear-jerking dialogues whenever it comes to the matter of money.

Here is a list of 10 famous money dialogues from Indian Cinema in the recent years. Otherwise, you would have definitely seen the mention of Mere Pass Maa Hai sequence from the cult classic Deewaar.


1. Tu ladki ke peeche bhagega, ladki paise ke peeche bhagegi ... tu paise ke peeche bhagega, ladki tere peeche bhagegi. (Wanted)

2. Main sirf money bhai ke liye kaam karta hoon. (Wanted)

3. Paisa, paise ko kheechta hai. (Jannat)


4. Sirf run mat banaoo ... paise bhi banaoo. (Jannat)

5. Behisaab power ya beshumar paisa ... in dono mein se mujhe ek toh chahiye. (Aurangzeb)

6. Pasina bahane se kai achcha hai khoon bahao ... apna nahi doosro ka. (Aurangzeb)


7. Main har kaam paise ke liye nahi karta. (Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai)

8. Peene ki capacity, jeene ki strength, account ka balance aur naam ka khauf ... kabhi bhi kam nahi hona chahiye. (Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara)

9. Main ek baar dhande ke paise chhod sakta hoon ... par jeet ka maal nahi. (Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara)


10. Paise nahin hain to kya hua? Pyaar to hai unlimited. (Bewakoofiyaan)

Image courtesy: Rotten Tomatoes