12 Taco Bell menu items you can't find in America


papa supremas

Taco Bell Chile

Loaded fries are a menu mainstay at Taco Bells around the world.

Taco Bell has plenty of wild menu items in America, from the Waffle Taco to the Doritos Locos Tacos. But, what if the chain looked abroad for inspiration? 

Food Beast recently visited Taco Bell's headquarters and photographed some of the chain's menu items from other countries. From kimchi quesadillas in Korea to loaded fries in the UK, Taco Bell restaurants around the worlds are serving up items you can't get in the US. 

And, it seems like Taco Bell is looking abroad for inspiration. The fast-food chain is launching a test of the Cheetos Burrito after a successful debut of a Crunchwrap Supreme stuffed with Cheetos in Canada. 

Intrigued by Food Beast's investigation and hoping to find the next Cheetos Burrito, Business Insider decided to explore some of Taco Bell's international menus on our own. 

Here are 12 items that Taco Bell doesn't serve in America - but that we wish they did.