14 Striking Portraits Of Homeless Travelers Who Choose To Live On The Road


California Winter

John Francis Peters

Most of us are aware that homelessness is a major problem in the United States. But what about those who purposefully forgo a traditional home life and instead opt for a nomadic life on the road?


Every January, many of these travelers seek refuge from colder climates on the warm beaches and bays of southern California. Here, they regroup, reconnect, and plan ahead for their next move.

Photographer John Francis Peters began documenting these travelers for his series, California Winter, after spending time in San Diego and observing people living off the grid, hitching rides, camping, and communing with each other.

"I found these scenes in the context of San Diego's landscape to be strangely beautiful, intimate and surreal," Peters says.

Peters began frequenting the places where these travelers hung out and began meeting, speaking with, and photographing these modern nomads, learning about their travels and lives, and gaining insight into the motivations and choices.


We asked Peters to share some their stories.