19 high-paying jobs with tons of openings and room for promotion in 2018

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Sebastiaan ter Burg/Flickr

All of these gigs pay over $65,000 - but most rake in six figures.

• Career site LinkedIn has ranked some of the most promising jobs of 2018.

• The jobs all have great salaries, tons of demand, and offer room for professional growth.Advertisement

• Many of the jobs that appear on the list are tech and engineering gigs.

Salary isn't the only factor to consider when determining how good a job is.

A truly standout role won't just pay a lot, it'll feature plenty of openings and opportunities to grow and get promoted.

LinkedIn recently compiled data from millions of site profiles and job postings to form a list of the most promising jobs of 2018.

Each occupation was ranked based on salary, number of US job openings, year over year growth in job openings, and regional availability. The occupations also all received a career advancement score out of 10 - with 10 being a job that was most likely to lead to a promotion or internal transfer. Here's a look at some of the most promising jobs of 2018:Advertisement