24 ways to stop making horrible decisions (and start making better ones)

fork road split diverge

Geograph via Google Images

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood...and I enlisted these scientifically tested strategies to make a rational decision.

Every day, we're faced with an endless onslaught of decisions, from the trivial (marinara vs. pesto) to extremely important (should you quit your job?).

Too often we simply go with our gut and do what "feels right." And that's not always a bad move.But there's a problem with that strategy: feelings leave us open to a variety of behavioral and psychological biases - biases that affect the way we think and lead us to make the wrong choices.
By being aware of the tendencies that lead us down the wrong path - and considering some techniques to maximize the chances of finding the right one - we can make better, more rational decisions. There may not be a way to guarantee the future (yet), but these 24 decision-making tips could be the next best thing.

Max Nisen and Aimee Groth contributed to an earlier version of this article.