37 Products With Crazy High Markups


While the accepted retail markup for most items is around 100%, there are some products that go a lot higher. Common items like printer ink have a markup of 300%, while text messages get marked up to nearly 6,000% more than their worth.

We obtained retail markup data from Sumocoupon, an online marketplace that brings together coupon codes, promo codes, and sales for hundreds of online stores. They calculated their numbers based on production pricing data.

What they found was that people are willing to pay unreasonable amounts of money simply for the sake of convenience. For example, house cleaning and snow removal have markups of 5,900% and 3,900%, respectively.

Restaurant markups are surprising as well. Most people realize that wine at restaurants has a high markup (400%) so they may sometimes opt for soda instead - however, the markup for soda at restaurants is astronomically higher, ringing in at 1,150%. Diners might feel like they are saving, but they aren't really getting their money's worth.


Here are 37 products with crazy high markups: