50% Indian Millennials are Worried About Having Children as it might reduce their Quality Holidays

Expedia- a full service online travel company released the 2017 millennial survey, an annual study of millennials across multiple countries and continents.

The survey highlights that 31% of hitched Indian millennials agree that having children has had a negative impact on the quality of their holidays. But we aren’t so modern either yet; going against the popular fad of solo travel, the Indian millennials prefer to travel to spend quality time with family (50% - Multi-generational), partner (42%), friends (37%), Children (20%) or alone (7%). Getaway from work (50%) and busting stress (46%), remain the highest motivation factors for millennials to travel. The cash and deal savvy Indian millennial is also eventually moving towards loyalty programs, where-in 33% have used loyalty points for bookings and over 45% would like to use it in future. They are also picking up, when it comes to cryptocurrency like Bitcoins, with 12% having used bitcoins already and 41% would like to use it in future.
Other Travel Trends:

Roaming is a necessity
At least once every 6 months At least once every year
71% have a holiday in India 91% have a holiday in India
22% have a holiday abroad 51% have a holiday abroad
31% travel for business abroad 44% travel for business abroad


Trotting around Asia is the goal

Within the next 5 years, they would like to travel to

  • Asia -34% | Europe -18% | United States 14% | Australia – 11%