7 strategies to raise kids who aren't spoiled



Tyndale Momentum Publishing

Kristen Welch with her husband Terrell and their three children, Emerson, Madison, and Jon-Avery, from left to right.

After seeing one of the world's largest and poorest slums during a trip to Kenya in 2010, Kristen Welch had a revelation. "I began to see my life and my own entitlement in the light of how the rest of the world lived," she writes in her book, "Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World."

Once she returned home to Texas with her husband and three children, decided to fight back against a culture "obsessed with the right to have what we want."

"I was surrounded by people who wanted the best of everything - cars, homes, education, jobs - and it didn't take long for us to join them," she writes. "But now my kids felt it too - this pressure to keep up and be like everyone else ... Suddenly, my third grader and first grader were asking for certain brands of clothes, lavish toys, and expensive electronics. They wanted what they saw everyone else had."

Welch, who also runs the blog We Are THAT Family and founded Mercy House, a non-profit ministry that empowers women around the globe, uses and outlines the following seven strategies to raise children who aren't spoiled in her book: