7 things you should do after losing your job



There are things you can do in the days following that may help get you through that difficult time.

Losing your job is one of the most difficult things a professional could face in their career - especially when it's completely unexpected.

And, as entrepreneur James Altucher points out in a LinkedIn post, the days following aren't much easier.
"You can't meditate. You can't exercise. You can't eat healthy. You can't shave. Or bathe. You can't even take deep breaths," he says. "None of that stuff helps, you think. None of that immediately deposits money in the bank. None of that brings back your self-esteem."
Altucher, who has been fired "so many times I can't list them all," says his one piece of advice that does help is to do just one thing every day.

Here are some things you could do in the days after losing your job to get out of your funk: