'Hillary Clinton has to go to jail': Donald Trump goes into full attack mode after Clinton's scorching speech


donald trump


Donald Trump hit back at Hillary Clinton at a rally in San Jose Thursday evening, declaring that the Democratic frontrunner "has to go to jail" and is "guilty as hell."


"Hillary Clinton has to go to jail. Alright I said it. She has to go to jail," he said.

"The fact that they even allow her to participate in this race is a disgrace to the United States, is a disgrace to our nation."

Trump's shots at Clinton came after a fiery foreign policy speech she gave earlier the same day, during which she denounced Trump's policy proposals as "as a series of bizarre rants, personal feuds, and outright lies" and declared that electing him would be a "historic mistake."

While Trump didn't go into detail about the arguments Clinton made in her speech, he called it "phony" and a "Donald Trump hit job," and lambasted her for her ongoing email scandal.


He also suggested Clinton only supports President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran because she's worried about facing jail time.

He said he's confident the FBI will indict her, and said if he wins the presidency, his attorney general will "take a very good look into it."

"The only reason she's behaving like this, and the only reason she's been dragged so far left, believe me, is she doesn't want to go to jail over the emails."

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