Intel Security Study: One out of five searches for Sonakshi Sinha will connect you to a cyber criminal

Get this, your chances of connecting to a malicious website when you search for ‘Sonakshi Sinha + Torrent’ is 21%, which is one out of every five!

Bollywood is a passion for many in India and in today’s celebrity-obsessed culture, there is an increasing desire for real time information, which often results in consumers clicking on sites that will quickly provide you with news and gossip about your favorite stars. But most of you often do not consider the potential risks associated with this behavior, which allows cybercriminals to compromise your data when you visit unsafe sites.

While searching online for Sonakshi Sinha tops the list for maximum risk to your personal data there are many other celebrities quest for whose gossip can possibly land you in trouble. Here are the top Bollywood celebrities from Intel Security’s Most Sensational Celebrities 2016 study and the potential cyber threat connected to their searches.

Intel has been doing the study for a decade globally and the India version too focuses on which of our popular pop culture celebrities are likely popular search subjects.

You should know that there are risks for checking out news or gossip for your favorite stars on random websites and these searches are being used for unscrupulous benefits by cybercriminals and unsuspecting consumers risk losing out on personal and even confidential information through such searches.

So next time around when you click on random websites that lures you with gossip about your favorite stars you should know that there is a cyber criminal lurking to misuse your personal data.
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