John Oliver created a whole website of hilarious ways to spend your extra leap second

Tonight, June 30, at 23:59:59 GMT, an extra second will be added to the day. And thanks to John Oliver, you can now waste this second with a random, 1-second video.

Every few years, a "leap second" has to be added to the world's atomic clocks to account for the difference between their uber-precise time-keeping and the Earth's rotation rate, which varies as the sun and the moon tug on it.

Oliver commemorated the occasion on a recent episode of his HBO show Last Week Tonight. "I know that an extra second does not seem like that big a deal," Oliver said in the show, "but you can get a lot done in a second." Advertisement

Last Week Tonight purchased the domain name and created a website that contains a countdown to the leap second, and a big red button. Pressing the button loads videos of such gems as "an upside-down sloth making a weird sound":

and "Mariah Carey's dog getting into a fight with Mariah Carey's cat, during Mariah Carey's 'Cribs' episode":


Amusingly, the URL also redirects to the leap second video site. 

Watch the full video: