Tea shops are redefining the concept of tea-breaks for corporates by making it a fancy affair

Tea is a friend in need and a friend indeed, in good and bad times both. Whether we are looking to sneak in a break during tedious office hours or we’re ending the day with a cup as a toast, our everyday office life revolves around this concoction.

Many corporates will have a chai-wallah around the corner, and no we aren’t talking about the drool-worthy Islamabad chai-wallah, but our trusting tea-dealer in a make-shift shack.


While cafes like Cafe Coffee Day, Costa Coffee and Starbucks are booming, they are not a daily affair for most working people as they look for something more casual and right next-door options.

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This is where upcoming branded kiosks like Chaayos, chaipoint, tpot come in. These little places are usually tucked inside huge corporate buildings in between cafes and the roadside stalls.
We visited one such T-pot kiosk to figure out how these work out perfectly for the young corporate crowd. Take a look