See what it was like to fly on 'The Big Bunny,' Hugh Hefner's customized Playboy jet

big bunny jet party

Courtesy of Playboy Enterprises

The Big Bunny had a disco inside its main cabin.

In the late '60s, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner purchased a customized plane called "The Big Bunny."

A stretch version of a DC-9, it had the capability to go anywhere in the world - and it did, taking Hefner and his celebrity clientele everywhere from Africa to Europe.
Estimated to cost about $5 million, it was outfitted with custom lighting and painted black, which was revolutionary for the time. He called his stewardesses "Jet Bunnies."
Though the famed plane was only used for six years, it certainly left behind a legacy of its own.

With the help of Playboy Enterprises, we've put together a collection of photos that will take you through the famed jet's history, from its wild disco parties to its luxurious amenities.