Tech companies want to give more power to women, encouraging them to join back

Tech companies want to give more power to women, encouraging them to join backIT and technology companies are going through acute crunch of female talent and programmes such as STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are also not working to the optimum.

In a bid to encourage more females to work in IT industry and strengthen the women workforce, companies such as Dell, Accenture, VMware, Intel, Pitney Bowe, etc are coming up with outreach programmes.

Dell’s 'Girl Student Outreach Programme', a course of 25 weeks, educates women on the skills required to work in the IT industry such as computing, networking and storage.

Likewise, Pitney Bowes had last year introduced 'PB Code Inspire', a three-month hackathon for women.

"Over 2,000 students participated in the coding challenge, and we selected the top five winners, who were given job offers. Female talent in technology needs to be identified and encouraged right at the college level," Manish Choudhary, managing director, India and SVP, innovation, Pitney Bowes, told ET.


Accenture launched 'High-Tech Women' programme. At present, the company has about 1,100 women enrolled in the programme.
Even VMware, in association with Women Who Code (WWCode), is empowering women to succeed in technology.

Intel’s 'Home to Office' programme, which was launched two years back, is encouraging women professionals to resume their career after a break they take due to family responsibility, motherhood, family relocation, etc.