This DIY weight loss coaching app is the next thing you should have in your smartphone

This DIY weight loss coaching app is the next thing you should have in your smartphoneRitu Soni Srivastava struggled with her health and weight issues post pregnancy and when she went for a traditional weight loss treatment, Ritu found it quite expensive and inconvenient.

This gave birth to Obino- a DIY weight loss coaching mobile app, which is like your personalised weight loss coach.

Ritu founded this mobile app keeping in mind the struggles she faced while losing weight as she wanted people to have access to instant motivation and whole information on weight loss and holistic living for healthy choices are made at least 30 times in a day.

Obino, which was launched in 2014, is not like any other weight loss mobile application where content is aggregated from different sources. Here, you have well-qualified personalised coaches, dieticians and trainers who understand your body type, daily routine and then recommend you exercises and diets.

“Obino’s coaches engage with the customers round-the-clock and inculcate healthy habits in them by teaching them how to manage their own health, which will be beneficial for them in the long run,” said Ritu.


One of the Obino users, Sasmita, lost seven kilos and nine inches in two months.

“I was all excited to see what unfolds next. Obino has helped me to be accountable for my health and I can see the difference,” she said.

Whether you are in traffic, meeting, resting at home, etc, coaches at Obino tell you what to eat and when to eat, as per your convenience. All you need to do is chose a plan for yourself on the mobile app and get started.

Obino has paid packages for coaching between Rs 499 and Rs 1,499 per month.

“We want to help people. We all know about the weight loss struggles. We help people get started on the journey of achieving their health and weight loss goals,” said Ritu.

Manna Healthcare, which runs Obino, raised funding from RoundGlass Partners, which is a US-based VC funding firm.

“As the product grows and scales, the future challenges will be achieving the same high-quality, high-touch coaching experience but for millions of users,” said Ritu.

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