Thousands of sinkholes the size of basketball courts are ruining The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea sinkholes

Amir Cohen/Reuters

The Dead Sea is famous for its high salt content, and because salt water is denser than fresh water, it's easier for us to stay afloat in the Dead Sea than in an average swimming pool. That's why millions of tourists flock to its waters annually for the unique experience of feeling like they're floating weightlessly.

However, the Dead Sea is in danger of disappearing due to lack of water coming in from its main source: the Jordan River. That, combined with the mineral mining that's taking place in the south portion of the Sea has created a detrimental situation.

Sinkholes, some the size of a basketball court, are appearing around the now receding water, threatening visitors' safety and creating a ghastly landscape. Take a look at the almost unrecognizable recent images of the Dead Sea. Advertisement

, and since its surface is 1,407 feet below sea level,