Use of mobile phone banned in Zee media’s offices

At a time, when the whole world is going mobile, a leading media organization in India has imposed a ban on use mobile phones within the office premises. We are talking about Zee Media here.

As per a report published by Economic Times, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL) has banned mobile phone use across all its offices including its newspaper-DNA, which is headquartered in Mumbai and has workplace in other states as well.

The new rule, which came into action in April 2015, was initially implemented only for ventures under Zee Entertainment but recently, on July 16, 2015, the statute has been extended for other divisions including DNA as well.


On a question like why such a move, an editorial employee of the company explains, "People tend to misuse social networking sites inside office." So, to curb the unwanted usage of social networking platforms, as they might distract the employees, such moves are required.

Another Zee employee, contradicting to what has been said, replies, such a policy will not increase productivity. "What might happen is journalists will find ways to stay away from reporting to office and work from outside.”

However, the top officials have admitted that the policy is getting a lot of disagreements from senior managers in various group companies. A top official, on condition of anonymity told ET, "So the policy might not be there for too long."