A wild brawl broke out after Reds pitcher Amir Garrett charged from the mound to take on the entirety of the Pirates dugout on his own

Amir Garrett

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Amir Garrett is swarmed by Pirates.

  • A wild fight broke out on Tuesday night between the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates.
  • The brawl began when Reds pitcher Amir Garrett charged alone from the mound towards the Pirates' dugout.
  • Yasiel Puig, who was traded to the Indians in the middle of the game, would rush to Garrett's defense. It would be his last act in a Reds uniform.
  • All told, eight players and managers were ejected as a result of the clash.
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A wild fight broke out on Tuesday night between the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates when Reds pitcher Amir Garrett charged from the mound all on his own towards the Pirates dugout.

Garrett's charge was the breaking point of tensions that had been building throughout the game. In the seventh inning, the Pirates threw high and inside at Derek Dietrich, who had admired a home run he hit against Pittsburgh back in April - a moment that had sparked a previous brawl between the teams.Advertisement

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From there, things escalated. Pitches were thrown inside, managers argued calls, and players exchanged words as the umpires attempted to cool everyone down get through the game.

But that effort fell short, and as the Pirates' dugout traded barbs with Garrett, he made a run at them, taking a big swing and once again clearing the benches.

With Garrett charging in alone, he was momentarily swallowed up in a mass of Pirates players before his teammates could get to him and the sides could slowly pull apart.

The moment resulted in one astounding image, captured by Sam Greene of The Cincinnati Enquirer:One of the teammates rushing to Garrett's defense was Yasiel Puig, who just moments before had been traded by the Reds to the Cleveland Indians in a three-team deadline deal. He couldn't have known it at the time, but Puig's last act in Cincinnati would be defending his pitcher.Advertisement

Eventually the sides were separated, with five Reds and three Pirates ejected. Pittsburgh won the game 11-4.

The teams will conclude their series on Wednesday in a game that will likely be strictly called by the umpires working. The Reds and Pirates will meet six more times after that before the end of the season, with all six of their remaining games taking place in Pittsburgh.