How an OnlyFans creator earned $60,000 from a 'marathon' livestream
Bryce Adams has amassed over 1 million subscribers on OnlyFans.Courtesy of Bryce Adams
Bryce Adams, who has over 1 million subscribers on OnlyFans, recently started livestreaming on the platform and made $6...

How an OnlyFans creator earned $60,000 from a 'marathon' livestream

Bryce Adams, who has over 1 million subscribers on OnlyFans, recently started livestreaming on the platform and made $6...
  • Bryce Adams and her team create adult content on OnlyFans.
  • She built a business that makes millions with subscriptions and recently started livestreaming.

Bryce Adams and her team have been building an OnlyFans empire over the past two years.

Adams, who uses a stage name to protect her privacy, has amassed over 1 million fans across three OnlyFans accounts, has a company with 24 employees, and closed 2022 with over $6.4 million in revenue.

At the start of the year, she told Insider one of her goals for 2023 was to experiment more with livestreaming — and "it's been just spectacular," she said.

How an OnlyFans creator earned $60,000 from a 'marathon' livestream
Adams never shows her entire face in her public social-media content and reveals it only to her OnlyFans subscribers.Courtesy of Bryce Adams

Different types of regular livestreaming content create consistent engagement

Adams and her team began livestreaming occasionally in 2021, primarily to raise money for charity causes. She still does them for charity but recently started introducing more for-profit livestreams.

Like other features on the platform, livestreams can either be made free to existing, paying subscribers or require an extra charge for access.

After some trial and error, Adams settled on livestreams that were free to subscribers and happened simultaneously across her three OnlyFans accounts so that all her subscribers had access to them, including those who subscribed to a free one. The other two are $7 a month and $30 a month. Each page provides its own perks. On the free account, almost all adult content has to be purchased at an extra fee, while the paid accounts include some videos and photos with the subscription.

Adams said the livestreams were "the activation" for a lot of existing subscribers.

"They've actually never seen me move, talk, and just engage," she said.

Adams has been going live daily for the past few weeks. Some of the streams have included stunts, such as a helicopter ride and setting up a giant American flag in her backyard for July 4, while others feature Adams and her friends just working out in the gym or chatting.

The 'marathon' livestream

A particularly successful, albeit laborious, type of livestream has been the "marathon," a monthly show that lasts seven to eight hours. These feature a number of adult performances with Adams' friends and teammates, as well as more-relaxed chats between the participants.

In September, just one marathon livestream made nearly $60,000, almost all of it through audience tips. At its peak, the stream reached 9,000 concurrent viewers. Insider has verified these numbers and her income with documentation Adams provided.

Adams promoted the stream across her profiles for a week and collected tips ahead of time from the fans who couldn't watch it live. Tippers received copies of different portions of the livestream depending on the amount they tipped, or they could pay $30 to subscribe to Adams' VIP OnlyFans page and receive a free copy of the whole livestream.

Adams also made a separate behind-the-scenes video to show the production that went into the livestreams, showing them "it's not just popping on the camera," she said.

Her team built software to enable simultaneous streams and aggregation of comments and tips from across the three profiles. The tool also automates posting on the different pages and allows them to deal with customer-service issues, such as making sure that fans don't purchase the same content twice. It has become so helpful they've been considering selling it as a stand-alone product.

The livestreams are part of a bigger strategy to invest more in the content, depicting bigger and bigger experiences.

"We're not afraid to go travel and take 12 people with us and make it a great time and just document it," she said.