An Uber glitch appears to have sent drivers to riders' final destinations - before picking anyone up

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  • An issue with Uber's dispatching software is sending drivers to a rider's final destination before picking up the rider.
  • Both riders and drivers have reported the recurring issue over the past week.
  • The company did not respond to a request for comment from Business Insider, but it's official support account said on Twitter that it was aware of the issue.
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Many Uber drivers and riders are reporting a peculiar problem: drivers were being sent to their destinations instead of the pickup point.

The issue appears to be mainly affecting the Uber Driver app, which is a separate product from the rider app, and sending drivers to a requested destination before picking up the passenger who requested to go there.
"It showed me my pickup location correctly," one disgruntled customer said on Twitter. "It showed the driver my destination location, instead. This happened 2x. The second time, I called the driver and reset my pickup location w/o moving the pin. Only then did the driver get the correct location."

Uber did not respond to a request for comment from Business Insider. The company's verified support account responded that it was "aware of the issue and working to resolve ASAP."

Usually, drivers are not shown a riders' destination until the ride has begun. This helps to avoid cancelled rides if a driver doesn't like the direction or length of a requested trip.

Other riders said they experienced similar issues:

Drivers said that they were experiencing the issue as well."Anyone else have this problem," asked a driver in Florida on the popular UberPeople forum. "3 times in Fort Lauderdale in the past two days, I get a ping, head to pickup point and find it is the destination and pax is waiting for me at an address the app did not provide.

App issues are a major complaint among drivers. In interviews with Business Insider, many have said the company often takes months to respond to, and properly address, bugs in the platform.

"Uber delayed two months about bugs in the app, when it was crashing as I was trying to login," Harmony, a driver in Tennessee who asked to keep her last name private to avoid pushback from the company, said. "Finally I gave up and started driving for Lyft instead."

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