Apple just launched new AirPods with wireless charging and hands-free Siri

Apple AirPods


Apple announced a new version of AirPods on Wednesday that offers improved performance and the ability to summon Siri hands-free. They're launching today on Apple's online store and will be in its brick-and-mortar retail stores starting next week.

The refreshed wireless headphones will be powered by Apple's H1 wireless chip, which the company says is specifically designed for headphones and should deliver more efficient performance, faster connect times, more talk time, and support for "Hey Siri" hands-free. Apple is also offering the option to purchase the new AirPods with a wireless charging case.Advertisement

AirPods with the standard charging case are priced at $159, the same price Apple charged for the previous generation model, while the version with the wireless charging case costs $199.

The company says the new H1 chip should improve audio quality and synchronization, making it possible to connect to devices twice as fast and delivering 50% more talk time.

The announcement comes after Apple unveiled new iPads and a refreshed iMac earlier this week.