'Aquaman' has already made more money worldwide than 'Justice League' and 'Suicide Squad'

'Aquaman' has already made more money worldwide than 'Justice League' and 'Suicide Squad'

aquaman 2 warner bros

Warner Bros.


  • "Aquaman" won the domestic box office for a second-straight weekend with $51.5 million.
  • The movie's worldwide total of $748.8 million has surpassed the lifetime gross of "Justice League" and "Suicide Squad."
  • "Mary Poppins Returns" stays in second place with $28 million, and now has a domestic total of $98.9 million, which will best the domestic take of Disney's "Christopher Robin" by New Year's Day.

"Aquaman" continues to dominate the box office in its second week in US theaters.

Warner Bros.'s latest release from its DC Comics Extended Universe is number one for a second-straight weekend with an estimated $51.5 million, which is a stronger week-two figure than some of the big comic book movie releases of the past.

Its $51.5 million bests "Doctor Strange" ($42.9 million), "Guardians of the Galaxy" ($42.1 million), and "Justice League" ($41 million).

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In fact, the worldwide total of $748.8 million for "Aquaman" as of this weekend is more than the lifetime gross of "Justice League" ($657.9 million) and "Suicide Squad" ($746.8 million). The success of "Aquaman" for Warner Bros. stands in stark contrast with "Justice League's" deflating release for the DCEU last year.

Now, the watch begins to see if James Wan's underwater thrill ride can break the $1 billion worldwide box office milestone. With the movie going into January, which is always a soft time of year when it comes to new releases, Warner Bros. won't have to worry about much competition. But having already opened in China (and dominating there) in early December, the movie can't expect a boost from a late international release.

mary poppins returns


"Mary Poppins Returns."

Meanwhile, Disney is in the unfamiliar position of being in the silver position during the holiday season. "Mary Poppins Returns" has been doing well, but has been stuck behind "Aquaman" since it opened before Christmas.

This weekend it took in another second place finish with $28 million, its domestic total is now at $98.9 million. By New Year's Day it will top the domestic total of the studio's "Christopher Robin" release earlier this year of $99.2 million.

But don't feel sorry for Disney. A big reason for the record-breaking box office business in 2018 is because of the 26% market share of Disney at the domestic ticket counter.