Behold the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter and all of its weapons


attack helicopter

US Army

Weapon load out of the AH-64 Apache.


Behold the AH-64 Apache and all of its weapons.

Up front are for the 30mm articulated cannon under the nose of the chopper. There are up to 1,200 of these high-explosive rounds, which the Apache can fire through in less than 2 minutes.

Behind those are the 70 mm rockets that are housed in the black cylinders to either side of the rockets. These missiles can be guided or unguided, and the Apache can haul up to 80 of them.

Attached below the wings of the Apache, are the Hellfire missiles. Together with the avionics onboard the Apache, these missiles can identify, track, and hunt targets that are miles away, even in the dead of night.


Since it's debut in 1989, the Apache has seen lots of action in armies around the world. The Apache's continued success in combat testifies that older weapons systems can still be useful.

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