Public Holidays in Maharashtra in October 2019


October 2019 Maharashtra Public Holidays
Wednesday02/10/2019Gandhi Jayanti
Saturday12/10/2019Second Saturday
Saturday26/10/2019Fourth Saturday
Sunday27/10/2019Sunday and Diwali

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and the state capital of Maharashtra. We can say Mumbai is the heart of Maharshtra and the Indian businesses. Mumbai residents enjoy a highly busy time all round the year especially on working days. Hence holidays bring them so much relaxation and an opportunity to attend to something important and interesting other than the regular official routine.


October 2019 brings with it a number of holidays due to a national event and two religious festivals. Look at the calendar below to understand the Maharashtra public holidays in October 2019 and plan in advance so that you get to use the holidays in the best way possible.

Dussehra is an important festival in Maharashtra stretching over for ten days. Thought eh public holiday allows only one day to take off from the work on 8 October 2019 in connection with Dussehra celebrations, most homes in Maharashtra celebrate the ten-day long festival in great religious fervor. Unfortunately, the Diwali falls on a Sunday that leaves the calendar with a single holiday for the weekend as well as for Diwali. Whatever be the thing, make the best use of holidays and plan well in advance to see that you complete your official tasks and financial transactions during the bank working days. This will help you avoid last minute disappointments.

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